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Coronavirus has changed the way we all use public transport and we’re working hard so you can travel as safely as possible.

You must wear a face covering on public transport unless you’re exempt.

Apply for your own exemption note

You can create your exemption note in two ways:

  1. Complete our online form – this is quickest way to obtain your named note.
  2. Call us on 0300 303 4240

You’ll need to provide us with some brief personal information so we can create your named exemption note. We’ll only use this information to create and send your note to you. We won’t retain this information.

You can create or obtain your own named exemption note by following these easy steps.

Confirm you’re eligible

Please confirm you’re exempt by checking the Welsh Government’s exemption list Click here to view.

Where can I use the note?

Our exemption note is accepted on all TfW services and most bus services in Wales.

Some bus operators have their own scheme to help you travel with confidence. Please contact your local operator to check whether or not they’re participating in this scheme. You can find your local operator’s contact details here

Apply online

Confirmation that you’re exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport